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Our Services

One necessity for any successful business is accurate and timely accounting information. Ingley, Moore, Paradice & Co, LLC is here to assist in any way necessary. The nature of our work can be temporary or long-term. We believe our size allows us to offer sound quality personalized service second to none. We offer the following services:

Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

At Ingley, Moore, Paradice & Co, LLC, our relationship with our clients lasts longer than tax season. We correspond with our clients throughout the year, helping to keep us up-to-date on any tax related developments as they happen. Regular communication helps us to reduce the risk of missing important data as tax deadlines approach.
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Auditing, Review and Compilation

We offer more than a report, at Ingley, Moore, Paradice & Co, LLC we uncover opportunities for businesses to become more efficient and profitable. We are always available to answer your questions and offer management consulting based on our report.
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Bookkeeping and Payroll

Ingley, Moore, Paradice & Co, LLC offers a full range of bookkeeping and payroll services including accounts payable processing, cash receipt and disbursement accounts reconciliation, payroll calculation and processing, check printing, and financial statements and detailed reports.
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Management Consultation

Our management consulting services are focused on improving your business operations to maximize profits and increase customer satisfaction.
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Startup Advice

We offer our expertise in the following services needed by a new business startup: legal entity selection, naming of business and products-including trademarks, licenses and permits business taxation, capital acquisition, accounting systems, payment policies, insurance issues, lease negotiations and other contracts, and human resources issues.
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Mergers & Acquisitions and Sales & Liquidations

  • Strategies related to mergers and acquisitions;
  • Anaylysis of effective investment in the context of your specific business needs;
  • Impartial advice independent of financing sources;
  • Exclusive choice for financial advice, deal management, etc.;
  • Separate industry knowledge and focus;
  • Clear understanding of value;
  • Timely, independent results;
  • Works with all-size transactions;
  • Experience communicating with all related parties;
  • Strategies related to sales and liquidations.

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If the leaves of trees were declared by the government to be money, money would be worthless. Money has its worth because the government says it does and because people trust the government... Yet there are people who use up their entire lives making money so they can enjoy lives they have entirely used up.

Frederick Buechner